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We are here to listen to your needs and are committed to work until both you and us are completely happy with the project

Why do I need mixing?

Listen for yourself

Raw version

The track has been produced and all of the sounds are present. However, the project has not yet been mixed to achieve optimal sound quality

Mixed version

Our sound engineer has balanced the levels of each elements, added spacial effects such as reverbs and delays, and adjusted the frequencies

Mastered version

Our mastering engineer has optimized the loundness, enhanced the sound quality, and gave that final polish on the project so that it meets the highest professional standards

The Process

1: Contact Us

Fill out the contact form with a brief project description. We'll respond within 24 hours with the possibility of arranging a call at your convenience.

2: Mixing

After we receive your files and payment, our sound engineer will work on your project and send you the mix. You'll have the opportunity to listen and offer feedback. You get three revisions for free.

3: Final Delivery

Once all parties are entirely satisfied, we will send you the final masters via email and mark the order as complete.




From £140

Audio Mixing

For Videos

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From £140

Audio Mixing

For Videos

Request pricing 

At Elephant Audio, we are committed to making the world a better place by alleviating human and animal suffering. That’s why we donate at least 5% of our profits to the most effective charities, following expert advice from Giving What We Can. We believe that by working together, we can create positive change and make a real difference in the world.


Mitra Memarzia, VP of production

"As a Senior Sound Engineer and Music Product Manager at Fiit, Etienne demonstrated exceptional skills in post-production, music and sound mixing to perfection. His contribution extended to producing sound for Fiit's promotional videos as well as advertisements aired on platforms such as Sky. His professionalism, readiness to tackle challenges, and unmatched expertise were key drivers of our team's success."

Kiera Boyce, Lead video editor

"Not only does he have some serious music-mixing skills - Etienne is also fun, energetic and sees everything in a positive light. He’s pragmatic but creative, and doesn’t shy away from a challenge! You can bounce off ideas with him, ask for advice or even go for a chatty run to blow off steam. Etienne is an asset to your team both personally and professionally!"

Rob Bell, Film director

"Having worked with Etienne on a number of productions and projects, I can fully recomend him to any producer looking for a sound engineer. His efficiency is matched only by his attention to details, and the quality of work he has delivered has always far exceeded expectation. A pleasure to work with and will be a consistent future hire for us."

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