Etienne Durot-Provencher


Elephant Audio Founder - Etienne Durot

About me

Hey there! I’m a DJ and Sound Engineer who’s had the pleasure of working with some of the top brands in the UK. My mission is to help you achieve the best possible results for your production projects.

I’m proud to say that I hold a degree in Music Composition and Sound Engineering from Point Blank Music School, where I graduated with distinction.

One of my most exciting projects was working with Fiit, now the UK’s #1 fitness app. I created soundtracks for thousands of their videos, mixed and mastered countless pieces of content, and worked on music and sound for adverts that have appeared on Sky and ITV. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and manage a team of highly skilled DJs and Sound Engineers. You can find our work on various global distribution channels such as Sky TV, Amazon Fire, and Samsung TV.

Currently, I’m running Elephant Audio, where we specialise in delivering top-notch quality for all your projects. Trust us to make your sound truly professional!

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